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The old photo to your left is an important one:Chief's Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. (Update: a fellow blogger notified me and corrected the Warrior next to Red Cloud is American Horse. Also see picture of American Horse in full headress at bottom of this blog) I'm a Lakota-Sioux ,born and raised in Central Wyoming on the Arapho/ Shoshone Rez. My wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks,and the paths I choose to take. Along with the advice and stories from my elders, my road has lead me here.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Black Sphere: Back to the Future – Racist Democrats

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you really need to dwell into this American's mind! Well written, some honest humor, factual and he digs right where it hurts the most. He has a way of putting things in perspective that no one else can. Check out these two I linked to, so if anyone out there reading my blog reads these and becomes another fan, he's worth it.

The Black Sphere: Back to the Future – Racist Democrats

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