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The old photo to your left is an important one:Chief's Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. (Update: a fellow blogger notified me and corrected the Warrior next to Red Cloud is American Horse. Also see picture of American Horse in full headress at bottom of this blog) I'm a Lakota-Sioux ,born and raised in Central Wyoming on the Arapho/ Shoshone Rez. My wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks,and the paths I choose to take. Along with the advice and stories from my elders, my road has lead me here.

Friday, January 16, 2009

A fond farewell............

Share/Save/Bookmark Dear President Bush, I know you won't ever see my blog, it's too new and small. But I have to say goodby.
For the last 8 years, I have stood behind you and trusted you with our America and despite all the bashing you took, never wavered in that trust. I have always been proud of you in the convictions to protect us, despite the polls and all the liberals and the media. I came to love my President and first lady, and tonight, I cry. You will be so missed. And I'm not alone with these tears.

We have no idea where Obama is going to take us, and it's scarry! With you there was some comfort, we knew the crowd you run with, with him we also know who he runs with, and we see the road to socialism. Obama just may take our freedom as a nation away. I see a civil war ahead. In my old eyes, I look to the heavens to protect us. I may not be here to witness alot of what is to come.

But my children will be the ones to fight for the freedom that I have lived. And I hope there will be enough conservatives to stand along side them to win.
But that is another life I must live in the long lives I have already experienced.
All I want to say tonight is "Thank you for serving our nation".
You are a true American.

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