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Monday, February 16, 2009

H.R.45 gun ownership rights just filed in the House!

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Gun ownership rights are under 'stealth' attack. While Congress and the public have been obsessed with the 'Spendulus Bill', three things have occurred that should make every gun owner fearful. The items are H.R. 45 introduction, confirmation of Eric Holder as Attorney General and the government medical records data base that is mandated in the stimulus bill. Let me explain.

First, H.R. 45 was filed in the House of Representatives by Rep Rush, Bobby L.[IL] on January 6, 2009. This bill will impose severe restrictions for licensing on gun ownership. This anti gun bill requires that all new guns be licensed. The bill goes retroactive after two years. What this means is that two years after the passage of this bill, all firearms in your possession must be registered. This will not just apply to new gun purchases.

Second, Eric holder was confirmed as Attorney General. Eric Holder has a very anti gun record. He supported the District of Columbia’s handgun ban and has argued the second amendment to the Constitution does not protect an individual's right to firearm ownership. Also, Eric Holder has supported national handgun licensing and mandatory trigger locks.

Third, sections 13101 through 13434 of HR 1
will set up the infrastructure to computerize the medical records of all Americans in a government-coordinated database. This database will contain all records of medical and psychiatric treatment. This will include what drugs you have been prescribed. Why is this worrisome? Under the NICS Improvement Act, 150,000 veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government. These rights were removed without a court hearing. Now, we will all be susceptible to this tactic.

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  1. This is another stealth action of the Obama administration. While all eyes are/were on the Stimulus Package, Obama has been signing executive orders and his minions have been filing all manner of liberal agenda items in congress with little or no fanfare. Obama made no bones about plans to ban guns immediately after the election.


    Message to all people who are concerned with retention of our Constitutional rights....join the NRA and contribute to the NRA-ILA where there are watch dog efforts on the behalf of preservation of our 2nd Amendment rights.

    A brief perusal of the NRA-ILA website will showcase the seriousness of the threat against our 2nd Amendment rights.