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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Native American-- Indian Justice

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If you are entering Indian country do you leave your rights behind?

The answer is YES!

You May or may not be aware that each time you cross from Pechanga Parkway onto the Casino you are essentially leaving US governed territories. Or for that matter, any Native Reservation. Oh you didn't know! Well you should, and moreover you should be able to read what rights you are losing before you make that decision.

When you cross the border anywhere from the US there is a large sign telling you clearly that you are now crossing into another country and you are essentially governed by a different set of laws. When you step onto Casino property you are also leaving the US and you should read the following stories which may make you think twice before you do it again.

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"Anonymous said...
Isn't it funny how they use the laws to suit them?...my Aunt was gambling at the Casino and 2 tribal girls got in a fight and threw their beer mugs at each other..one of the beer mugs crashed into my Aunts head...the Casino wouldn't even let the police come into the building...we all had to go outside in the street..the Casino wouldn't even offer to pay for any medical..and as we were waiting outside for the police...they snuck the 2 tribal girls out and said that they were banned from the Casino...and by the way...we were 7 Star players at the time and they totally blew us off..people should know that they have no rights inside these Indian Casino's...and now it sounds like even the cops have no rights...they didn't shoot them because they were Indians minding their own business...they were causing trouble and shooting guns..quit using the race card..."

Extracts taken from an article, "Some learn Indian justice the hard way".California tribes enjoy the same immunity from civil suits as that granted to foreign countries.By Stephen Magagnini -- Bee Staff Writer

"If you get into a car accident with a tribal employee on tribal business, are injured at an Indian resort or casino, or are fired without just cause, you can't sue the tribe in California court. If you're owed money in a business dispute or are sexually harassed, you can't sue, either.The tribes alone determine civil justice in Indian territory because, as sovereign nations, they enjoy immunity from civil suits -- the same immunity granted to states and foreign countries."
These are just a couple of instances. Feel free to post your thoughts.
One suggestion is:
"When you cross the border anywhere from the US there is a large sign telling you clearly that you are now crossing into another country and you are essentially governed by a different set of laws."
Do you think you should know what your rights are when you visit Pechanga or any indian Casino?

My rant: The same NA'S in control of the casino's are slowly ripping their own tribe apart! Native American's can be brutal even to each other, so when you cross that line, be careful. If they ask you to leave and point to a door, take that door..If you have belongings in a room, tell them and they will go get them for you. Just stay outside and wait. As for the cops, only the Native American cops have juristion and the FBI.
The Native's carry alot of rage for all the injustice's that have happened to their Elder's and all the way from the 1700's to today. When you look at any given race, they stand out at maybe second from the top of being the most whipped.
Be watching for my blog on some really serious act's of injustice to the Native's happening in today's world.like this one:

Today New York State has a black Democratic Governor, David A. Paterson. He has just signed an illegal document authorizing the destruction of the existing economies of eleven Ongwehonwe communities in the state. It is obvious the Americans are the big bullies they’ve always been since King Henry VII issued the “Cabot Charter” in 1496
More in my next blog.....

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