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The old photo to your left is an important one:Chief's Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. (Update: a fellow blogger notified me and corrected the Warrior next to Red Cloud is American Horse. Also see picture of American Horse in full headress at bottom of this blog) I'm a Lakota-Sioux ,born and raised in Central Wyoming on the Arapho/ Shoshone Rez. My wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks,and the paths I choose to take. Along with the advice and stories from my elders, my road has lead me here.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

The six nations Oldest living participatory Democracy on Earth

Share/Save/Bookmark "The tree of Peace" by Kanhionhes Fadden
A must read! If you want to know what formed our Government, how it is supposed to be, and the strong influence of the Native American's that welcomed the first white men that stepped foot onto the America's soil. How Benjamin Franklin used some of the laws of the Native's to put in our Constitution and other father's of our early goverment.

"Exemplar of Liberty"
Native America and the Evolution of Democracy
By Donald A. Grinde, Jr.; Rupert Costo Professor of American Indian History University of California at Riverside
and Bruce E. Johansen, Associate Professor of Communication
University of Nebraska at Omaha

Two great books on the origin of the the great influence of the Six Native tribes that made up the Tree of Peace.

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