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The old photo to your left is an important one:Chief's Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. (Update: a fellow blogger notified me and corrected the Warrior next to Red Cloud is American Horse. Also see picture of American Horse in full headress at bottom of this blog) I'm a Lakota-Sioux ,born and raised in Central Wyoming on the Arapho/ Shoshone Rez. My wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks,and the paths I choose to take. Along with the advice and stories from my elders, my road has lead me here.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

4/14/09 Pre Tea Party Event

Share/Save/Bookmark Twas the night before the Big Tea Party and everyone is in the position within the states they are to attend; A preview on the tellie showed they were parading the route in advance. A few Thomas Paine's to relax and partake at the end of this blog.

Watch out for the Acorn (leftist wing 'nuts'), they are gonna try to get the party out of control and use violence if they have to!They don't even understand what the protest is all about. Besides, they are Welfare folks that have been paid to protest! Hey Democrat's and extreme leftists, you got to pay taxes too, Join in, "But be cool"!

After the Tea Party tomorrow, We all must focus on making our State's Sovereign!

We have to join together and start the drive; to enjoin our Governor's, Senator's and Representative's to the fact that 'We The People' are ready to take our government back into our own hands and stop letting the Federal Government force us to take on some of the financial fascist laws, and controls on our freedoms! Here's a few video's to watch, they are all true! Listen closely as they speak and inform.....

"According to the Department of Homeland Security, Texas fits the Department's profile of potential domestic terrorism described in their newly released report titled, " Right-wing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment".

The update on states is now totaled 30!

Penn. State Rep Sam Rohrer
Pennsylvania probably is on the terrorists watch list also! Along with the other 29 states....Shouldn't the Fed's realize the American People are mad as hell and we are standing up for what we believe in?

Here's a few of Thomas Paine's video's to enjoy.....

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