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The old photo to your left is an important one:Chief's Red Cloud and Sitting Bull. (Update: a fellow blogger notified me and corrected the Warrior next to Red Cloud is American Horse. Also see picture of American Horse in full headress at bottom of this blog) I'm a Lakota-Sioux ,born and raised in Central Wyoming on the Arapho/ Shoshone Rez. My wisdom comes from the school of hard knocks,and the paths I choose to take. Along with the advice and stories from my elders, my road has lead me here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Buffalo War NA's against obama

Share/Save/Bookmark Why can't the govt. just distribute the excess buffalo in Yellowstone to the various Native American tribes. To let them be able to use them to feed their people? Oh that would be too easy! I found this video on utube, enjoy and think about it.

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