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Saturday, November 6, 2010

They are the original 'real Americans'

Share/Save/Bookmark They are the original 'real Americans' who didn't protect their borders from the invasion of illegals. They are us in a few years
American natives do not have the angry, self-centered, arrogant, greedy and militaristic political nature of current immigrant groups. But, only the loudest, most daring voices are heard by Washington and usually, American natives are not among them. If any ethnic minority has the right to a grudge against the Great White Father, it is the American native. They were murdered wholesale, their land stolen and they now are put into concentration camps politely called "reservations". The we come along and pollute what little land they have left with hi-tech, fashionable and politically correct energy recovering contraptions. Abominable
Seem to remember Obama making lots of promises to the Native Americans while out on the campaign trail for 2008. What happened to that?

What happened to environmentally correct?

What happened to putting American companies back to work?
They went under the proverbial bus, just like his mother and anyone else who was no longer of use to him. Like the American people, for example. But don't worry, we won't witness much because we'll be sitting at the back.
We have all been taught that no matter what the crime ... democrats can do no wrong. Is an overreaching federal government abusing a protected minority group? No...Can't be true if democrats are doing it. Is an endangered species being threatened? No. Can't be true if democrats are doing it. Obviously it must be the republicans' fault for not pointing this politically incorrect action out to the democrats in time for them to avoid this embarrassment
Money-The root of all evil! If it wasn't Obama and the Democrats this would be the headline news on most news channels.
Where is Greenpeace, Al Gore, the tree huggers and the EPA on this??? Don't tell me for one minute this isn't a double standard. On every other large job done in this country over the last 50 years, Alaskan Pipe line, bridge over the Hoover Dam, Big Dig in Boston etc, their was always EPA studies done and more.
So all of a sudden as a country we don't care anymore? Here's another load of BS people it's so Obama and a bunch of Dems can say they created jobs to get reelected that's all.
I wonder how many concrete foundations/mounts must be poured over the 6000 acress in order to achieve 1550 megawatts at high noon on a cloudless day. If It doesn't pan out as planned, then we rip out the 28,000 panels in the future and we're left with thousands of concrete mounts in the ground (imagine an abandoned run-down parking lot). OR, probably less than an acre to punch a hole in the ground and suck out the oil and gas. Ah, but no oil and gas exists there you say. Maybe, maybe not, but it does exist somewhere, so go get it. BUT, that means more CO into the environment. Get over the CO issue, 2 billion plus Chinese and Indians want a Toyota, and they are spewing CO left and right in order to spew more from that new Toyota they plan on buying.
The alternative energy projects and their backers are pathetic. Was this what Van Jones was talking about when he said "Give them back their land"? I am sorry for the Indian tribe and I hope they will prevail in stopping this multinational corporation from building on their land.
I do love the irony of knowing that one of the reasons given for stopping the project is a species of lizard being endangered. Nothing like a bunch of green libs being halted by the same type of arguments that they have used for years to stop people from using their own land.
Imperial Valley is one and the other is the Calico Solar project, which along with the Imperial Valley will produce about 1,550 megawatts of clean, renewable energy annually."
What? This doesn't make sense. It's like saying "I run far because I run 10 miles per hour every day." The megawatt is NOT a unit of energy, it is a unit of power. The energy produced should be given in units of megawatt-hours. The measurement should be megawatt-hours.
The 1550 megawatts power number is when the sun is shining in the middle of a summer day. Take into account nights, low morning, evening and winter sun angles and short winter days and you are down to 25% of that. This is percentage is called Capacity Factor, everyone in the business knows what it is, yet they prefer the summer-midday-sun figure since most listeners will be fooled since they are not technical power people and don't understand the difference. This is deliberate fraud. Oh and by the way, solar power needs water to produce electric, so there goes their water supply! Nothing is sacred!

If they would speak in megawatt-hours produced they would not be able to lie so easily.

This is nothing but a land grab by the Federal Government. The Feds are buying this land and a lot of other land that hasn't come to our attention yet. Then they make it into recreation areas for the public The wind mills are just a diversion. This is so typical of the progressives. They won't show respect for the American Indian but they will bow down to American Muslims...we still have more work to do to vote the rest of the progressives out! Rome wasn't built in a day. And the Socialist's, Marxist's, and Communist's, excuse me! Progressive's have been quietly digging in since 1900. They won't go down without a fight!

(Are they going to dismantel the solar panels at the largest solar farm failure in Europe located in France and set them up on Indian land? and get paid for it?)

Solar panels belong on buildings, not hundreds of miles from the usage. This causes no environmental problems or profits for PG&E or Edison Co, there in lies the problem. Most property owners in the south west, can produce their own power and bypass a middleman that is Gov. controled [PUC] or taxed, fined, fees, and litigated, which must be paid by the consumer. This has more to do with Gov. taxes, and other extortion than it does "green" or shovel ready. There are questions that true environmentalists should be asking that are more important than a lizard.
I have so many problems with this issue I don't know where to begin, but I'll try.

Native Americans have little to hang on to beyond their heritage and faith, living mostly on land nobody thought would have any value...but then oil, coal, uranium, and lets not forget the gemstones and artifacts among this worthless barren land is found, then a place to put solar panels...or uranium deposits...whatever.
So, we take some of it back through government action. I don't like lawyers, but in this case any legal obstacles that can be thrown in front of this wasteful, thoughtless project I will applaud!
Secondly, since when do we talk about creating American jobs and then contract with a foreign firm to do taxpayer funded projects. Obama is so full of it!
Third, I gag when I see all of those stupid "windmills" ruining our beautiful foothills and valleys in California. Doesn't anyone else find those things offensive? I'd rather have deep water oil rigs off the coast than those panels and windmills all over our landscape. What the heck?
Fourth, the Native Americans shouldn't have to make the argument about their religious faith being compromised by the government's actions...just look at what it has done for Christians. Seems religion is getting to be not a viable reason! If it's not Alla they seem to think it's not a religion.
As for the archeological sites and wildlife habitats, specifically that of the flat-tailed horned lizard, which has a part in the tribe’s religious creation stories. They cared not for the Navajo's archeological sites and wildlife habitat, as they ripped up and destroyed hyrogliphic's and ancient graveyards, sacred plants that are no linger in existence. And
I also have serious issues about relocating 12,000 Tribesmen off their lands so that coal and yellowcake could be extracted, leaving them to face hardships .
Tribal peoples of America are independent nations with whom we have treaties. Technically they would have no claim on tax dollars except where individuals have acquired Social Security numbers and paid into this scheme plan. Independent nations cannot sue in our courts without express permission of state or federal government. Since a foreign company is also involved, it is obviously a "stimulus" to the foreign country in which they are incorporated - not America.
I thought that the US Government had no authority on Indian Land? More Obama Theft?
Exactly. The FBI is allowed for things like murder. The UN is who we go to for most everything else.
Why would they want to put them in the desert anyway? Solar panels belong on the facilities using the energy produced by them. I support the Quechan on this one.
This admin. is always trying to circumvent the law of the land.
Solar fields are very water intensive. Where are they going to get the water, there is little left in the Colorado River for that area! Also, if they do built the solar field the water usage would deplete the Tribes own water supply as what happened on the Hopi Reservation here in Arizona. The Hopi eventually terminated their long contract with Peabody Coal so that their springs would flow again. The Hopi have strict tribal laws against casino's on sacred lands, they invest in real estate in Northern Arizona for tribal income.
Don't be fooled by the 1550 megawatt number from Tessera, the project owner. That number is when the sun is shining on a hot summer day. Take into account nights, low sun angles in morning, evenings and winter, and short winter days, and the real number is one quarter of that.
Having been a party to the Energy Commission hearings, Tessera's claim of 'lengthy and thorough conversations with Native Americans and other interested parties' is fiction.
The project, like other fast-track desert solar projects, will get free government money to get it started, then the government will take all risk by providing a loan guarantee from the Department of Energy. Electricity rates paid to Tessera are secret - Tessera says their contract prohibits disclosure. The result: Public money, credit and land are being used for a project not US owned, and we don't even get to know how much electricity will cost.

AL GORE has his money in it ...IN ENGLAND
Another costly, make-work, feel-good, high-maintenance "green" project. Solar generates very little power for the investment, it requires constant upkeep, and the panels have to be replaced every so often. Check out the solar power array in Andalusia, Spain - they have 24/7 crews going around replacing malfunctioning panels, drive motors, etc. No doubt costs a nice pile of Euros for that maintenance, and that cost is no doubt passed on to the end users.
_______________ Down South, We Say "We Should Have Picked Our Own Cotton

" I Bet the American Indian, Wish's They had Scalped The First White Man That landed Here Now.. These Poor People Have been Ignored, Miss-Treated, Lied Too, Raped and Stolen From For 500 Years Now.. Guess They Don't Breed Like Rats and Produce As Many Voters, As Some Races I Could, But, Wont Speak Of...The Government Blabs, Its The Way They Choose To Live. B/S,B/S, B/S""_________ Go Out To Window Rock AZ. Or Red Bud S.D. And See Them Haul Barrels Of Water 25 or 35 Miles, Through +++ The Desolate Wasteland +++ The Great White Father In Washington D.C., Put Them On!

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